Wednesday, September 2, 2015

That Hiatus Tho...

So I'm not sure if some of you noticed by now or not, that I had went on a little hiatus? 

Probably? Yes? No? Maybe? Lol...well, for those of you who did, thanks for noticing I was gone! :) 

I'm back now & recharged. It has NOT been easy with Mr.Hooah being away (oh the life of an army wife...and any other military spouse!)...I seriously wanted to turn down the blinds, throw my phone in a drawer, & stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head until he returned. For whatever reason, this was THE HARDEST separation we've ever been through thus far...and there has been a lot, lol... let's see...two deployments, lots of fielding weeks, lots of training in different states for a month at a this definitely wasn't our first rodeo! Ither way, the state I found myself in was one where I was not myself and found myself to be extremely alone this go 'round... so I went back home to surround myself with family & friends until it was time for Mr.Hooah to return.

It was an absolutely AHHHH-MAZ-ING trip that I honestly wish could have lasted a little longer...

 I haven't had internet to blog, so I saved several things to blog about for y'all once I returned home...which is technically all up in the air right now...home, that is. For those of you who did not know, Mr.Hooah came down on orders so we will be PCS'ing soon and at the moment, the "where" is unknown! He was supposed to already be done with everything but if you know the Army well like we do, you know that they never do anything when they're "supposed to", Lol. So here we are, middle-endish of the year and just almost finished with the whole process, which should have started back in February...the Army had other plans for him though! But I honestly cannot complain because stepping away from the work-world once again, allowed the time I needed to fully focus on school and spending time with the family. I really loved what I was doing before I stepped away but the hours/extra-ness of that job was not a good fit for me for the pay. So with being all freed up, and changing my major one last time, I am so happy and proud to say that I am, thissssss, close to finishing up and being done with school for good!
 Ok, Ok... for the moment, but I really want to get back into school to further my education so the possibilities of our future are endless! 

As I mentioned before, I went home to the beautiful Alabama... 
I am from a little dot on the map. It is all countryside and I honestly had forgotten just how beautiful Alabama is.
 I didn't have my camera with me all the time, so my trusty ol' iphone had to do the job... 
I'm sorry for some of the quality but you get the gist. The pups and I stayed with family, which was a treat!
And I was blessed to have been invited to go on a beach vacay down to Gulf Shores, AL with my was my FIRST time in Gulf Shores and I must say I absolutely fell in love with that place! 
The people that neighbored us were extremely friendly and I met some awesome people while we were down there. It was so nice to sit back, enjoy the view, and doing so all with a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand! 
I seriously didn't want to leave! 
I'm not quite sure why I never did this as a kid when we would beach it up, but, I went crabbin' for my first time ever while we were down there... look at all these little crabby-babies! Lol, we were pretty sure the German lady with the big net had caught all the big ones! But it was a fun time running amuck with flashlights and friends!

  Oh, & did I mention I discovered I must've been a bartender in my past life?! Lol :)
And the sun, oh man, soaking up that amazing sunshiny goodness was amazing!
That sun-bunny life tho!!!! 
Which eventually led to a nice glowie red but toasty sunburn...and this:
And I FINALLY got the seafood I have been craving! If you've been here and haven't checked out Live Bait yet, I highly recommend it because its not just a place for some awesome foodage, but also a nightclub with live bands & such!
Haha, this little guy was grubbin out too! Like, who'd have thunk it, a raccoon at the beach! 

We also ventured out to the huge outlet mall for a little shopping and look what I found...BE STILL MY BEATING HEART! 
You do not truly know me, unless you know my love  OBSESSION with Michael Kors! I treated myself to a new bag and wallet, my heart is perfectly content! Lol.

It is truly a gorgeous low key place that is a must see if you haven't already! 
When I came home, I spent all of my time with family...enjoying the country view, my Momma's homemade biscuits, my Aunt's sweet tea, AND I even rolled up my pants legs (OK, so maybe I had on shorts, LOL!) and picked fresh veggies from the garden. I brought back some pretty sweet eggplants, that I'm roasting up now btw! Maybe I will do a little post on that too, it's so simple you guys...and the taste! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE roasting veggies! Any who, the husband will finally be on his way home sometimes this week and I AM STOKED! Please send up some prayers for safe travels and that he makes it home safe and sound! Also, a huge thanks to those of you that called, texted, and sent positive vibes my way...they were appreciated more than y'all know! :)

P.S......I GET MY HUSBAND BACK SOON!!!!!....can you guys tell that I'm a little excited?!

I may be under the radar when Mr.Hooah gets in, but I'll be back I promise!

-XO's for now y'all!

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