Wednesday, February 8, 2012


2 c. sugar
1/2 c. half & half
3/4 c. creamy peanut-butter
1 tsp. vanilla 


How to:

  • Boil sugar & milk for 2 1/2 minutes, meanwhile, lightly spray a 9x9 dish or pan.

  • Remove boiler from heat & stir in peanut-butter & vanilla.

  • Pour into pan & let cool at least an hour before cutting.

This recipe is sooo amazingly EASY! I have never been able to master making home-made fudge until now(:

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Semi-Homemade EASIEST Chicken Pot Pie

I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes to try & experiment with, I found this recipe some time ago, back when the hub's & I were dating...when he would come down to see me on leave, I liked to get new recipes & cook for him. (home cooking is MUCH better than chow hall & MRE's...or so I've heard! haha.) So, I found this one day & decided to try it due to his liking of potpie & my desire for simplicity! It turned out to be a "WIN" with his tummy & its simple & easy, so I find myself making this at least once a month...most of this I already had on hand, I found the chicken on SALE for $4.59, & the rest, being wal-mart brand, cost me under $10 for dinner & its made to serve about 8, but if you have TWO famished soldiers that seem to never be full (LOL), it'll feed them + me! My thoughts are always the same watching them eat: "HOW DO THEY EAT SO MUCH & WHERE DO THEY PUT IT?"

**What you need:

1lb. chicken, boiled & shredded beforehand
1/4 c. italian dressing
2 Tbsp. flour
2 refrigerated pie crusts
1 can veg-all
garlic pepper salt(to taste)
1/2 pack cream cheese, cubed
Cooking spray
1/2 c. chicken broth

**How to:
Preheat oven to 375'.

Start by placing one of the crusts in the bottom of your ungreased cooking dish & prick generously with a fork along sides & bottom.


Place crust in oven & bake about 5mins or until crust golden around edges then remove from oven & set aside. And while that is baking, start your filling by adding your chicken to a medium pan sprayed with non-stick spray over med-high heat. Add in the italian dressing & seasoning to taste, & saute chicken for 2mins. Now add in the cream cheese & stir until melted good. Then add in the flour & stir until well mixed. And lastly add the veg-all & broth, stir until well mixed.

Now take your dish with the baked crust & rub with butter, this coats it & creates a seal so your crust doesn't get soggy when you add your filling (:


Spoon in your filling then place the other pie crust over the top, fluting edges & cutting slits on top for can make up a simple egg wash & brush over the top too if you like. I usually do, however, these hungry hooah hippos were "starving" haha, so my finished picture will not reflect the little bit of shine the egg wash gives the crust...Bake your pie @375' for about 20mins or until crust looks nice & golden.


This should be the ending results...  

Photobucket Photobucket 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Jewelry Organizer...
Ok, so my organizational skills are almost non-existent...with that being said, I decided to start with the bedroom. I have BIG plans on trying to get my of my, and I quote from my husband: "50 gallons of lotion" (haha), & shoes ORGANIZED! My husband, bless him, gave in & turned the walk-in closet over to me & my madness...I give him MAJOR kudos & 59,000 GOLD stars for that one! (: So to make an incredibly rambled story short, I decided to start simple & start with my jewelry. Since getting married & finally moving in together, we have 2 of some things & he had this silverware tray that was a little too bulky for our drawer, so I stashed it away under the sink...I just KNEW I would find a use for it one day...AND I DID!

*This is what you'll need:
(Wooden silverware tray, spray paint, scrap-booking/craft paper, scissors, glue pen, pencil, hanging hooks)
*How To:
Start by cutting your craft paper to fit inside the slots on the tray, then mark where you want your hooks, I went ahead & made holes where I wanted mine so it was easier to screw the hooks in AFTER the paper was glued. Spray paint with your choice of paint. When dry, use your glue pen to glue your craft paper in place & let dry. Now screw in your hooks...


*And this should be your finished creation:
Waaa-Laaa! You have a cheap crafty jewelry organizer!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Faux-Fabricated Letters
This is my first post, so, I'm trying to start out simple & I have started this on my own & I'm not quite sure what I am doing! I have recently relocated due to my husband being stationed farther north & I am just looking to make our cozy little "brady-bunch" house a home...I found these card-board letters & scrap-booking papers, 1/2 off at HobbyLobby so, I bought them for a rainy day! Extremely cheap & easy DIY faux-fabricated letters! And yes, I just HAD to go patriotic on this one! (:

(Note that I tried out different designs...) 

ok, so u will need everything shown below, also some left over ribbon & a hot glue gun.

First, turn the craft paper over to the white side on the back & center your letter, use a pen or pencil & trace around the edges...cut out your letters.

They should look like this when you're finished(:
I used an elmer's glue pen to glue the paper to the letters, just smooth out any wrinkles with your fingertips...

I used some leftover ribbon I had & my handy-dandy hot glue gun to make ribbon loops for hanging on the backside of the letters after they dried, like so:


Here is my finished product, I just love them! Hobby Lobby has an AMAZING assortment of papers to use & you can decorate them any way you want, this would also be a fun project to do with little ones (: