Friday, November 6, 2015

A late Halloween post!

I am a little late posting this, but I have a good excuse, my Brownies (the besties) were in town for the long weekend and I was super busy running amuck with them! I am so blessed that they were able to come up and spend some time with us! 

I am also late getting photos of (and posting) our pups Halloween costumes! Tonka was a Green Crayon and Kizzie was a Banana...
And might I just say that they were the cutest little green crayon and banana that I ever did see!?! 
Of course, they hated their life after I put those hats on them, so taking pics was a short & sweet process lol.
See... told you!

I have to say that for such a limited time, we fit everything there was to do into the time we had and made the best of it! I just wish they could've stayed a little longer! And the best part, my Brownie and I made a Halloween Box for one another! The goodies were amazing and it definitely took me back to my days of all the care package boxes I used to decorate for deployments! 
How cool did these turn out?!
I got a little carried away with hers lol!
And she made mine adorbs too! 
We got to eat some amazing Mexican food at our fav little spot..
And of course, Blue Margaritas were a MUST! 
Then we headed out to a haunted trail, which was AWESOME! 
If you're in the area and have never experienced the Stoney Point Trail of Terror, you're missing out! 
It is a definite MUST and was actually a lot of fun and worth the money for sure!
 And our monster photo-bomber was a bonus! Lol!

We hosted a little Halloween costume party and there was a pretty interesting mix of those who actually participated lol. 
We had a SNL Spartan Cheerleader, and some Pink Ladies...
A playboy bunny...
Jack Skellington and his owl! 
And even Mario & Luigi showed up lol! 
It was definitely a good time with good friends! 

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