Friday, November 6, 2015

Blessings? Yes Please!

I have been sitting here, staring at this blank screen for at least an hour... 

...sipping on my coffee... 

Coffee that I haven't had in a couple of weeks. 
(Lord bless my hubbies heart!)
Those of you who know me personally, know that coffee is a MUST for me to get me going in the AMs. I can thank my Granma for that. I have been weirdly busy these past few weeks. School, my business, and all the doctors appointments. I have been drained, pretty much to the point of exhaustion. Which led me to all my doctor appointments in the first place, to figure out what in the world is going on with me. Saying it has been an emotional roller-coaster would be putting it lightly!

And with all of that happening, I almost forgot to throw my husbands new orders into it the mix! 

With that being said though, I am happy to announce that we will be staying in Fayettenam for a little while longer...
We are finally at ease about not moving from our house we bought shy of three years ago and have since then made into our beautiful home.
 So, three more years Fayetteville, three more years! 

With recent downfall of my health, I decided it was finally time for answers, that I was tired of feeling the way I had for the past three months or so. I must say that we're praying it isn't anything serious, hopefully a minor fix. I never really open up about things such as this but so many of you guys and even some of my customers were writing me on FB, calling, or texting to check-in on me... 
Thank you all for doing so, it means more than you could ever know! 

After two rounds of testing, being poked and stuck, now all that is left is the sit around and wait game. In the mean time, after some med switch ups, I am feeling a little more back to my norm. 

Sweet sweet Mr.Hooah stepped up and was a soldier by day and a house husband by night. Cooking, cleaning, helping me in any way he could. Guys, if that isn't true love, I honestly don't know what is! To have someone strong enough to hold me together, hold himself together and to help face whatever is coming our way, TOGETHER, is just an unspeakable feeling of gratefulness and I cannot say how blessed I am to have lucked up and married this man.

With Mr.Hooahs upcoming insane hours and stress from these health issues, we decided that it would be an amazing idea to keep me busy by turning one of the guest rooms upstairs into an office for my business! I am already using a smaller room for packing/shipping/inventory but I will be expanding and adding to the business I am currently in so I need more space ASAP! I do not actually have an official launch date yet due to the fact I want to have everything 110% finished before I merge and launch, which will be a while until everything is done, but I am excited to see how everything will turn out and how much this will better our future. It is so funny how things work out and what blessings take place when you least expect them to...when one door closes, another one always opens bringing you better opportunities! I have learned that forgiving and letting go is the best thing one can do... I have learned so much about people and about myself in the past few months! At one point I honestly had no idea what I really wanted to do with my life, what passion really drove me, but with recent discoveries I have found myself..found that drive.. and I know with certainty finally that this is what I want to do! 
After working for and with a few bad apples here and there, the chance to be my own boss and make my own hours, is such a blessing! It not only gives me the freedom and availability to travel around, it also gives me the ability to make time to spend with Mr.Hooah no matter what kind of funky schedule he may have! And to travel to collaborate with other wonderful supportive business owners is going to be an amazing experience also! 

This is my dream! 
And with a little hard work and faith, blessings will come in abundancey to those who don't give up! 

-So many X's and O's loves! 

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