Sunday, August 7, 2016

I've been MIA, I'm not dead!

Hey y'all! 
Man, I feel like it has been ten years since I have blogged! I have been so super busy that I just haven't had the time... so, let's play catch up! 
  1. I have been so super busy with my business that it has been so hard to push all of my attention here because at the end of the day after all of my social media'ing for it, I just want to turn off my phone and computer for the rest of the night and spend time with Mr.Hooah when he gets home.
  2. School........HAVE MERCY! I seriously didn't think I was ever going to see the light at the end of that tunnel but you guys, I finally graduated and have never been more proud of myself for that because well, I DID IT!!! That and I'm old, it was about time! Haha.
  3. My business I keep speaking actually my old in-home business that I merged with my new business. I decided to take a leap of faith after finally trying some of the amazing merchandise from LuLaRoe and became a consultant. I am my own boss full-time. I make more than what I would if I were actually working the career I went to college for. Crazy, right?! And with Mr.Hooah's new schedule, I have the freedom to be able to take time (when he gets time) so we can actually spend it together! 
  4.  Mr.Hooah's new job...OY VEY, let me just tell you that is his new orders for the next three years (only two years now when October hits! Thank You sweet baby jesus!) have been an...INTERESTING adjustment. His schedule is so very demanding. Working weekends and long hours has been so difficult for us. On the bright side, we didn't have to PCS to god knows where! 
Ok, so that's pretty much it! I think that was short but explanatory enough! I have been cooking new recipes but am never camera ready as it is always upstairs for inventory purposes. I will try to do better and post them over the next week or two! I haven't forgotten about y'all! I have been getting new notifications for people viewing my page and today I thought I would make the time to sit down and explain myself since you guys were taking the time to come to my page...that I've just been MIA, I'm not dead! Lol. Furthermore, if any of you guys love LuLaRoe, please feel free to come browse and shop with me online at: LuLaRoe CiCi Appel's VIP Shopping Group! 
 photo article-1141243-1451590993.95_zpspaecqggq.png
 The buttery-soft leggings will change your life! I'm just sayin'! ;) And I will post pics of my second guest room turned office makeover, so stay tuned for that as well! You guys are all so amazing!

Until next time....


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