Friday, August 31, 2012

Why I have been MIA lately & FACEBOOK!

Ok, so my life has been insane in the past 21 days since my last posting...dare I even explain?! I have been doing some house work, MAJOR cleaning, PAINTING=oh how I loath a paris theme in my sisters room & then using some leftover safari stuff & repainting my plain ol' jane tanningbed/workout room, helping Mr.Hooah take down & put up new glass storm doors, trying to get my sleep habits organized( can we seriously say 'insomnia'?! staying up until WAYYY after Mr.Hooah reports to PT & formation around 0500 is literally draining me! I seriously feel like I'm housewifing on 3rd shift lol), adapting to our newest addition Mr.Hooah's new big H.U.G.E baby(a dalmatian-great dane mix (see pic below) 10month old pup), & taking care of my wittle wookie Kizzie...she's had kennel cough & she is like our little breaks my heart to see her so sick! I told Mr.Hooah that if this is what it's like to have kids, I'm going to be one of those SUPER worried moms that freak out over the tiniest bump...I'm going to be one of those mom's that everyone see's carrying around a first-aid kit lol! But that is pretty much where I have been, it has been a freakin roller coaster of insane in the membrane-ness that just makes you think, "Is it ever going to be normal"?! SO I have several new recipes & a few crafts that I have been meaning to post just couldnt bring myself to open my computer for even a minute because I was doing 9,000,000 other things lol but I promise I'll be back within a day or two! (:
I did manage to get my facebook link working again:
Make sure you like the page so you can get updates there as well for my GIVEAWAYS that are soon to come, I have found some pretty awesome sponsors with some pretty neat stuff!(:

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