Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back from Hiatus!

Sorry about my short hiatus...it wasn't a leisurely one ither. My husbands father passed away so we have been busy with back & forth trips to Ohio, which was not easy because the military only gave Mr.Hooah a certain amount of time to do the things needed & take time off. We got it all taken care of though & his dad had a wonderful military service & was also buried with full honors in a national cemetery here in North Carolina, which made it very special. On a happier note, Mr.Hooah & I have decided to finally start planning our vow renewal since the small little back yard wedding wasn't exactly what we had wanted. EXCITING! I also have started back on my diet, which is going to be interesting since Mr.Hooah wants to do it with me... even though he was eating Butterfinger Pretzels when I came into the bedroom last night & I wanted to eat the whole bag! Haha. The blog world is still running smooth I see & I'm happy to be back from hiatus, I will still be participating in the tuesday linky-party & will be posting it in a bit. Thanks so much for all the prayers & thoughts, it meant more than you know to Mr.Hooah & I! Happy Tuesday you guys! 


  1. Woohoo! So glad to have you back... we've been praying for you guys. It sounds like you planned a very honorable service for him. Welcome back, girl!

    1. Thanks girl! Its good to be back, it was only a couple of weeks but sheesh, it felt like forever! lol