Thursday, March 6, 2014

Motivation, where are you?!

Is it just me, or do I seem to be the only one struggling to find full motivation right now?! I started back on my diet Monday, now it's Thursday & I am still HANGING IN THERE! I cannot even tell you guys how hard it is to hang in there ither! I am not a huge IG'er, I only have a few followers & only follow a few...but the one's I do follow are health people or people of similar situations as myself: Trying to loss the chubbs! Mr.Hooah has'nt helped with his Utz Butterfinger Pretzels ither! SHAME ON HIM right?! Haha. I am trying to do something a little different with my blog too, I want to write a few posts inbetween of all the recipe/craftiness, for others to connect to & also for me to have a little vent/share time of progress etc... A little while ago I tried out the clean eating & it was great, don't get me wrong, but because I quit everything else pretty much cold turkey, I got bored with it & craved for things. So this time around I am going to ease back into clean-eating. I ordered some Chia Seeds offline (we have no Trader Joe's here...sheesh, thanks ft.bragg!) after seeing A LOT of people on IG & youtube pages I follow, using them. Guyyyyyyssssssss! They're amazing! You can use them in your baking, cooking, smoothies, & yogurt. You can also make pudding with them & use them as an egg replacement! How awesome is that?! Anywho, since Monday I'm down 3 lbs... I'll take it! haha. I've managed to "Mind-Over-Matter" myself & have pulled through running at least 3 miles a day & then doing some weights & other little home workouts until I can get into my gym. I swear, my body wants to just give up, but I've been sticking it out & I think that is part of what makes me so proud to have finished a workout & what makes me feel so good about myself! Soon, I plan on experimenting on recipes with these Chia Seeds & hope to post the recipes! I have been eyeballing a recipe for Lemon Chia Seed Muffins! Supposedly they're just like Lemon Poppy Seed, which is my ALL TIME favorite muffin! :) 
Muffin reminded me of this! Haha!
 photo index_zps1f286b0b.jpg
Ok, I'll stop my craziness now haha, hope you guys have a great day...Get Motivated & Get Fit!

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