Friday, July 24, 2015

Basil Pesto Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

OH- EMM- GHEEEEE guys! This recipe isn't crazy healthy but I found this in a cookbook and decided to try it for dinner tonight since it was so stinkin' easy! It is ooey-gooey, cheesy goodness! We recently went on a mini getaway to Williamsburg, VA with my Aunt and Uncle...if you guys haven't at least visited there once, you should, it's packed with history and really beautiful. We actually closed on a vacay home there (Mr.Hooah is a SUPER NERD, so of course he was stoked to do so!) and this was our second trip up. We all went exploring and shopping (there are SO MANY little shops there that you definitely do not want to miss out on!!!), which led us to our favorite store there... The Wythe Candy Store! Not only is it filled with wall-to-wall candy, they have gourmet goods there as well. We are samplers, if there is a sample out, heck yeah we'll try it! And one of those samples happened to be their Basil Pesto. All I can really say is OH MY DAMN! The first bite I was SOLD! Mr.Hooah, however, said he didn't have sophisticated tastes like I do...?... Like, what does that even mean?! I said, "IT'S JUST PESTO!"...Lol. 
Ok, but no, really....THAT BASIL PESTO THO!!!!
 Sheesh, enough of my rambling!!! When I saw this recipe I knew this pesto just HAD to be involved! And boy was it a great idea...THIS WAS AWESOMELY DELICIOUS! Even Mr.Hooah was on board the pesto train. I lightened this up as much as I could, the recipe below is my own version. (I really just changed the cheese and instead of leaving the chicken unseasoned, I spiced it up with some Cajun seasoning! POW!!! haha!) Anyways, this recipe is quick, easy, and you honestly can do NOTHING to mess it up! And it actually comes out kind of pretty too.. You all know that this is my kind of recipe! ;)

Basil Pesto Mozzarella Stuffed Chicken

1 pk. (3-4pieces) of boneless, skinless chicken breast, butterfly-cut
4 (1 per piece of chicken) WeightWatcher Mozzarella cheese sticks, cut each in half
4 TBSP (more or less to suit tastes) Basil Pesto
  • Preheat oven to 375'... Rinse chicken and butterfly each chicken breast. Spray a baking dish (or a foiled baking sheet) with a little non-stick and spread your chicken out on it. Now is the time to season it if you are going to do so!!! 
  • Spoon 1 TBSP of the pesto onto on side of the chicken, add your mozzarella sticks, then fold the chicken up and bake for 20-25mins or until chicken is cooked through and juices run clear.

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