Friday, July 17, 2015

Guest Room Makeover

I am a little behind on getting this posted, but since my sister recently moved out, I have been wanting to turn her room into our new guest room because I just love the color! (Our old guest room was yellow and bright. I felt like the new guest room needed to be more like: chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool....haha!) Plus, it is one door closer to the bathroom. I have been so busy right up until the point of my family coming in, all the way up until the time they left. So this post was put on the back burner. Needless to say, I am still exhausted from all this and I need a vacation from vacation! Does anyone else ever feel like that? Or is it just me? Oy Veyyy! So let me just tell you a little bit about how this room was put together and how I do things... I'm not one of those "matchy-matchy" type of people. Most people are all like, "Oh, I love how you bought everything to go together so well! You planned it all just right!"...NO, PEOPLE...THAT IS NOT WHAT I DID AT ALL! Haha! I actually don't really plan at all. I also don't buy it all at the same time. Man, if you only knew! Ok, you don't so I'll tell you! Lol. Hobby Lobby is seriously my favorite place to shop, aside from Lowes of course! Yeahhhh Boiiiii, ADULTING for the WIN! Am I right?! I have had some of the decor for this room for almost a year....some of it purchased from Hobby Lobbys semi-annual sales and then the rest from here and there. Also, a few pieces, the chandeliers and the white medallion over the bed for instance, are pieces  that are actually meant for a future nursery. I told Mr.Hooah that when the time comes, all we've really gotta do is move that bed out and push a crib in! LOL! Speaking of the bed, it was brand new and we actually scored the whole thing off of a yard sale site for $200! And it is actually from Ashley Furniture, yeah, I couldn't believe it myself! It was a total steal! GO ME, saving Mr.Hooah some dollas! Haha! The bedding was ordered offline for $25 on clearance and those ADORBS little throw pillows were bought out at a gorgeous little barn sale at Sage & Twine...if any of you guys who are local are reading this, oh my goodness, PLEASE make it a point to head out over and buy something gorgeous there! She has antique, distressed furniture and everything that  gorgeous implies! If she would let me, I would hitch that little barn up to the back of Mr.Hooahs truck and just bring it all home with me! Seriously, her beautiful shop WILL NOT disappoint! I honestly should have been a designer, I mean, not to get cocky or sassy, but this was just all thrown together and it exceeded my expectations and turned into such a beautiful guest bedroom!
Of course, Kizzie & Tonka had to come upstairs to check it out!
Tonka says that everything checks out OK!
My flowerless planter...........
And here is my most favorite part, the lit chandies and the lopesided picture taking at its finest LOL.

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