Thursday, November 8, 2012


Trying out this new mobile app...this should be interesting, however I have something more interesting to yack about!(: So as I keep saying in pretty much all of my last few posts, is that I'm sooo busy & junk. Well, it's VERY true! I have started making personalized signs & my craft obsession has been kicked into overdrive since the end of summer! It's been so crazy around here! I have been decorating & creating & now I am dabbling in embroidery & I must say I'm getting pretty good at it! This month holds SEVERAL amazing upcoming events, the 1st one being the American Cancer Society relay for life, where I will be a craft vendor there promoting my hand-made goodie-goods, the 2nd being that it's almost time to stuff myself with all the good food I'll be cooking with my sister(since we can't make it home to our family) for thankkkkksgivinggggg! What! What!!!!!!!!! Haha! & 3rd being that the 26th Mr.Hooah & I will celebrate our first year of marriage!!! Oh yeahhh, who's your wifey?!? Lol I cannot wait & I am thankful that neither of us burned the house down while remodeling it or Mr.Hooah attempting eggs in a basket! Haha! I will definitely be catching up with everything in tr posts to come, I haven't given up blogging, just haven't had time to!(:


  1. Wow. Things are busy in your world. I can't wait to hear how your crafts are received. I hope you make lots and lots of sales. And, how exciting to be celebrating your 1st anniversary. Did you buy Mr. Hooah a gift of paper? Did you save the top of your cake to eat?

    1. Awwww Ty Amy! U know just what to say! & I haven't had time to get anything yet lol & about that mother accidentally threw it away when I relocated here to ft.bragg! I was like u just have us 22yrs bad luck! Lol but I plan to have a mock cake to eat so that maybe superstition will pardon us lol(: I will post soon! Also is there a good email for u?!