Tuesday, September 2, 2014

China Cabinet Revamp

I posted a few posts ago, about my unhealthy distressing addiction. I bought that sweet little desk off of Craigslist & the lady also had this gorgeous little china cabinet for sale too when we got there.
 photo IMG_8315_zpsa99876ad.jpg
 I had a fit over it, Mr.Hooah said not just no but HELL NO (haha just kidding) ONE PROJECT AT A TIME, & then I threw a fit...just kidding again. But we did tell her that if she had it by the time I was finished with my sweet little desk (see it here: Distressing Addiction), that we would be back for it! Needless to say, not only was I determined to finish the desk ASAP so that I could get it in our house, but I was also driven to finish so that I could find out if she still had the china cabinet....And JUST MY LUCK, she did! Lol. I am in a MAJOR teal phase. Our house was a brown, red, almost a rustic type of theme, but I wanted a change. (Mr.Hooah said he gives it 6 months before I decide to change it up again, lol. Insatiable I am!) Something more bright, to open up our small living room. I went with a color called Swizzle Stick. It is an awesome blue. I cannot even describe it but I LOVE it! I'll try to post pics soon, promise! Now everything is crisp & a little more rusticy-french..<---I don't even know if that is even actually a thing, but, well, you know! Haha! It took much longer on the china cabinet than the desk... but it was definitely worth it in the end! Distressing for me is all about layering the paint so that when you sand it, it shines through. I went with a golden yellow the first few coats, then I used a few swipes of this Fuchsia Flocka Pink in the areas I wanted to sand down for it to show through, then lastly was the teal color I scored on clearance at Lowe's! Woot! And I aslo must share that Hobby Lobby, had their semi-annual sale & I scored this awesome black glass china for no more than $20 total! Painting the inside grey brightened it up, the black china ties in perfectly with my grey & yellow (Lemon Italian hodgepodged cupcake themed) kitchen! I am just in love with my china cabinet & at peace that I could give this gorgeous little gem a make-over that gets so many compliments in our home! 
-XO... or Arrivederci...Ciao..& all that other good stuff!
 (^^compliments of the AristoCats movie I just watched haha^^)
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 photo IMG_9341_zpse23b6c1b.jpg
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  1. That chest totally reminds me of the one from Beauty and the Beast! Such character and whimsey. You did an amazing job!

    1. Thank you so much! It kinda does doesn't it? lol. Thanks for stopping by!