Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Meet Our Fur Covered Kiddos

Meet Our Newest Addition: Kizzie...
This is our newest member of our lil' family! Kizzie...Mr.Hooah & I had been searching for the perfect puppy for me(due to him being in the army, he's in the field for a week or 2 at a time, & it gets pretty lonely with my un-sociable kitty lol) & after months we found her! We wanted to find a small puppy that would stay small & one that could "grow" along with us. She is a long haired Chi-Weenie, & I have had her since she was 8wks, she'll be 11wks tomorrow...she's my wittle spoiled rotten baby haha! I was SOLD on the very first pic of her, the sweet lady Mary that let me know she had her, kept me updated on her via text-pictures until I was able to go all the way back home to pick her up...one of THE BEST days on my list! She is rambunctious & total sweetie pie!
Our little wookie, Kizzie(:
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And here is our unsociable bug/mouse chasing kitty Yoki...(more like lazy little fatty when she isnt running amuck through the house like a cheetah at crazy hours of the night)...we usually call her Yoke's, she hides out.. usually under the bed(unless there is a can-opener opening & she alway assumes its tuna for her haha) where she plans a daily attack on our feet when we get into bed, not sure she knows what to think of the pup but shes getting used to the yipping or just tunes it out! lol. I rescued her back in '09 & fell inlove with her lil fluff-ball self & her orange-ish colored lightening-bolt over her left eye, sometimes I joke & call her Henrietta Potter! (get it? lightening bolt, harry potter...now u've gotten a small dose of my 'nerdy-ness' in its truest form LOL)
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  1. How did I miss this post? Your babies are ADORABLE. I love your newest puppy BUT they both look precious.