Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Unhealthy Lemon Obsession

It seems like lately I have been unusually crafty. Time to do it is stretched tho because I run a small side business specializing in custom tutu's, bows, ACU keyfobs, embroidered beach towels, & custom embroidery for all the little cutie cakes out there (boutique type items but at a fraction of the boutique price!) The house stuff is coming along, we have finally gotten settled in!  I was looking online a few months ago & I ran across the cutest lemon wreath (I became obsessed with it lol), it was on sale for way cheaper than originally priced but still I looked around hobbylobby & other craft stores for about a week & picked up stuff to make one myself because I couldn't see myself paying even the sale price of $39+shipping for it, but every time it came down to getting fake lemons, NONE of what I found looked the least bit realistic so I would put everything then, yes, I broke down & added that cute lil lemony wreath to my shopping cart & upon checkout, the total came to a whopping $79! PUMP THE STINKIN BRAKES YO! Those people have bumped their noggins, HARD! I went BACK to hobbylobby (I'm pretty sure the workers there know me by name lol) & I got a wreath & some floral that happened to be on sale & then went to DollarTree where I remembered they sometimes sold fake fruit & then badda-bing-badda-boom, my lemon wreath was born! I was also searching around for cute italian/french signs to make for my kitchen & BAM! I found an Italian lemon sign & knew instantly I just HAD to make it to go above the garage entry door to pair with my wreath in the kitchen! So here is where my inspiration for the 'lemon sign' came from, & now here is mine! Mr.Hooah stayed up with me because he had to break down a pallet, I finished around 5am so we call the lemons I painted, "The 5am Lemons" haha.

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