Thursday, January 2, 2014

Herbs de Provence

2013 was a pretty great year, packed full of blessings for Mr. Hooah & I! But out with the old & in with the new, right?! I decided that I needed to keep up with my blog more & it definitely needed a face-lift so here we are! I changed things around a smidge & gave her a new look. Boy, did she need it! Now onto the point of this post...I don't know if I've ever told any of you how much I LOVE Herbs de Provence, so incase I didn't & just so you'll know now, I LOOOOVE it! I, like most NYR's (New Years Resolution, but in this case 'NYResolutioners'!!), I am trying to "health" up our life.. I already try to make everything I cook healthier & I swapped out ground beef for turkey burger & brown rice for quinoa (it is FULL of protein & healthier for you) a long time ago.. I just really want to start incorporating more fresh fruits, veggies, & etc. I have an amazing recipe for my favorite: Roasted Veggie Quinoa (The post for this coming soon!) that I found on Pinterest, along with a recipe for Herbs de Provence which I tweaked.. I guess it's the Italian-bone in me but I just love the herby-ness of this.. The oregano, basil, & oh man, the fennel! Smells so yummy when your mixing it all together! You can find this in stores but it is usually a little more pricey than I like to pay so I'm definitely down to make my own because most of these spices are ones that I have on hand already. I always say: A penny saved..... Then hear: "is a penny of mine that I never get to see because you spend all my money woman!" <--what Mr.Hooah always tells me if he hears me quote that! Haha! 

Herbs De Provence 
 photo IMG_6929_zpsfbb596c4.jpg
2 TBSP dried savory (if I do not have this, I just use a good dash of sage)
2 TBSP dried rosemary 
2 TBSP dried thyme
2 TBSP dried oregano
2 TBSP dried basil
(The basil & oregano, if I don't have single spices for that I just throw in italian seasoning, same thing!)
2 TBSP marjoram 
2 TBSP dried fennel seed 
2 TBSP parsley

Mix all spices together & store in an airtight container! 
 photo 20140102_141152_zps17d0114f.jpg
Simple as that! 
(I save all my crystal light containers, just in case, & they come in handy like so...)

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