Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Milso's MUST read, The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition

You know, I've been big into reading lately...it's calming. And there is nothing I love more than climbing into bed beside Mr.Hooah, cuddling up & reading a great book...BUT, you know what is even better than that?! Reading a book TOGETHER! As some of you know, but for those of you who do not...Mr.Hooah & I just celebrated our [2] year anniversary this past November! I know, I know, some of you must be thinking "this girl is a newly wed, she doesn't even know what she's talking about yet!" And to be honest, those of you who were probably thinking that, are half right! Haha! This is the "time of learning", or at least that is what I like to call this! You learn sooo much about one another & I honestly think that it never stops...I think all throughout a marriage, you learn something new every day about your someone. But as for me & the 2 years of marriage that we're packin right now, the "some things" are plentiful! And you know, being married to someone in the military IS NOT easy... Some people think it's some kind of fairy-tale. Not so much. It does have some whimsical moments however. Like when you see him for the first time since a 9 month deployment... PCS'ing to different parts of the world...or getting all dressed up to go to a Military Ball. But aside from certain highlights, its a lot of sacrificing & waiting. But we military wives are STRONG, we hold on! Mr.Hooah & I, we are like any other couple, we have up's & down's/spit's & spat's just like everyone else! We do not have any major issues in our marriage (besides the Army keeping him away for weeks or months of training etc), we have truly been blessed in so many ways through our 2 years so far & I hope that we continue to be blessed with such blessings! THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE! However, ANYTIME we see outlets to better us/make our marriage stronger, we take them! I am part of an amazing Milso support group online & someone had posted how she & her husband enjoyed this book & how much more they understood one another, so I had Mr.Hooah pick it up from Books-a-Million. The 5 Love Languages: Military Edition... this book is indeed amazing. I wanted to do a review of this book because I feel like it definitely deserves it! The pages are filled with such wisdom of love. There are even true stories from real-life military couples that I know others can relate to. This book is one that you can read together as a couple & understand it together. It teaches you the 5 languages of love so you better understand your spouse & helps you understand how to communicate with one another...even if your someone is deployed. It guides you to always think before you act...to really appreciate your love. There is so much we take for granted. Since reading this book together, Mr.Hooah & I have yet to let our arguments escalate if we have one & he constantly tells me 'thank you' for things I do around the house or for things as simple as cooking dinner...that is my language, sometimes that is all it takes, a simple Thank You. The old saying is "The first 5 years of marriage are the hardest" & I believe that it is what you make of it! Anyways, if you are having a little love trouble or just want to make your relationship stronger, this is THE book!
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  1. Good to know that your marriage is doing well. Keep the love burning.

    Military spouses